About us:

A full service tower and wireless communication site and construction company.
Provides a range of services including tower inspections, maintenance, line and antenna installation, antenna and cable testing.
Over a decade of experience in the industry.



Contact Info:

e-mail: info@truenorthcontruction.net

Phone: 856 470 6292 / 443 454 3552


Our Mission:

Quality and Safety are our keywords.


The key to True North Construction success is simple: our people.
True North Construction personnel are among the most experienced in the industry. We have been able to attract and keep some of the best professionals in our area of expertise.


We understand the inherent dangers in the job, and as a result exercise the highest degree of caution.
Our crews have the newest OSHA-approved safety equipment.
They regularly receive training in all aspects of safety, including rescue recovery and fall safety through regular briefings held to ensure that safety remains in the forefront of their daily routine.